Let's LIVESTREAM Hi, FRIENDS!! If you're a buyer on Niknax, stay tuned for some fun-filled livestream events. We already have a few scheduled: AllGottaGo (antique bottle sale) has a show scheduled for Dec 2 at 12PM EST and MyFlippingVanLife (glass, kitsch, christmas, and pottery) is scheduled for December 5 at 8PM EST. If you're a seller, emails will start going out today to schedule onboarding for the ability to livestream. You DON'T HAVE to livestream as a seller on Niknax. You are more than welcome to continue with static listings, so please don't feel pressured into streaming. As with reviewing new seller applications, the live onboarding will be gradual. There is only so much time in the day to carve out for onboarding sessions. I appreciate all of you for being here and for continuing to create a community around Niknax. I hope you have a wonderful day!



Started October 2023Owned by Crazy Lamp Lady (Jocelyn)

Welcome to Niknax–an online marketplace that connects buyers with passionate sellers offering a variety of antiques and collectibles. Niknax was started by Jocelyn Elizabeth, also known as Crazy Lamp Lady, in October 2023. If you'd like to join our collective of sellers, please do not hesitate to apply. If you're looking for that special something for yourself or a friend, we invite you to browse around and discover something that speaks to you–while also supporting a small business.

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