USA District of Columbia DC State Seal Vintage Enamel


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USA - District of Columbia DC - State Seal - Vintage Enamel Souvenir Travel Shield Bracelet Charm - Silver

• Metal: 800 Grade European Silver • Weight: 1 Gram • Dimensions: Height 1/2" (5/8 to top of loop) x Width 7/16" • Metric: Width 11 mm x Height 16 mm (to top) • Condition: Good • Time Period: Vintage 1960-1975 • Charm Type: Vintage Enamel Souvenir Travel Shield Bracelet Charm • Origin: Made in Germany

Shield Charms History: These Sterling silver enameled travel shield charms were popular with European, British and American travelers in the 1940's, 1950's 1960's, 1970's, and are highly collectible items today. The colorful vintage retro look is very appealing to collectors and are quite the conversation piece. Some have a vintage patina and some look like they are brand new even if they are over 50 or 60 years old. They are wearable postcards and miniature works of art. Women documented their travels by collecting a souvenir shield charm depicting the town or country coat of arms crest, a scenic picture of the area, castles, a famous landmark (Eiffel Tower), building (White House), person from history (Mozart) or an event (Olympics), and were often given to women as souvenirs or gifts from their men or friends who were traveling abroad. The traditional and most popular type of shield charms were made in Germany by the REU company. British style shields with the scrolled edge were made by the Mizpah Company in England. In the 1970's an Italian maker made some shield in a slightly different shield shape and the colors and design style is beautiful with more muted colors. They were made in different silver grades for the budget of every souvenir charm buyer...from a base metal version, silver plated, 800 silver to sterling silver. More Info: Most of the travel shield charms that I sell are like new (New Old Stock) even though they are at least 30 years old and never been worn. I also sell many charms that have been removed from vintage charm bracelets that I collect from all over the world. Some charms from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are from pre-owned vintage bracelets. Send A Wish List: Even if you don't see it here, I might have the location you are looking for and will list it for you. I have thousands and thousands of charms not yet added. Send your inquiry or wish list via email.


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