Permanent Jewelry Training Course - All inclusive package complete with a starter pack and welder - GREAT VALUE!!!


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Please read through everything so you understand completely what you are getting. Please be aware we do not accept returns or refunds on this item.

⚫ This is an all in one package to start your permanent jewelry business.
⚫ You are actually only paying for the starter pack of chains and tools and a welder. The training is absolutely free!!
⚫ This is a complete online permanent jewelry training course package with phone or chat customer support located in the USA.
⚫ You get a starter pack and a welder. You will also get easy to follow and succinct training videos that will teach you everything you need to know in a few short minutes. You will be surprised how easy it is.
⚫ Our proprietary welder that comes with a 180 day free replacement warranty that is easy to use, simple, and inexpensive.
⚫ No need to spend thousands of dollars on a welder. We have started hundreds of successful permanent jewelry businesses with our starter pack this year. Our track record says it all.
⚫ We are chain wholesalers and this is the best value for your money when it comes to permanent jewelry chains!


♥♥♥FULL STARTER PACK with Gold filled or Sterling Silver chain♥♥

  1. Tools
    ⚫ 1 x Flat nose plier ( plier tip will be raw so that it can be clipped to the welder)
    ⚫ 1 x Chain cutter
    ⚫ 1 x Protective leather patch
  2. Findings
    ⚫ variety of gold filled and silver jump rings (24 ga, 22 ga)
    ⚫ 50 feet of chain!:
    ⚫ 25 feet of well mixed gold filled chains (a $1250 value at $50 a bracelet. Enough to make over 42 bracelets).
    ⚫ 25 feet of well mixed 925 sterling silver chains (a $1250 value at $50 a bracelet. Enough to make over 42 bracelets).
    ⚫ 16+ styles (8 styles gold filled 8 styles sterling silver) - we will give you more on the cheaper chains and less on the more expensive chains
    ⚫ all chains are below $10 per 6 inches to keep your prices down

♥♥♥ Welder ♥♥♥
⚫ 1x Permanent jewelry plier (please see pic)
⚫ 1x Welding Wand
⚫ 1x Welding Needle
⚫ Protective Leather Patch
⚫ 100s of brass rings to practice on
⚫ comes with free training via training videos, chat support, and/or phone support (a $1000 dollar value).

Welder attributes:
⚫ designed specifically for permanent jewelry; this machine's sole purpose is to weld jump rings.
⚫ easy and simple to use.
⚫ does not necessitate the use of argon gas to achieve a robust and durable weld. This feature has the potential to significantly alleviate the additional efforts and resources typically associated with welding processes.
⚫ simple design that will not have give you reliability issues.
⚫ not a lot of moving parts or sensors will start glitching under heat (which Orion and unbranded welder will).
⚫ will not have random issues due to complicated engineering.
⚫ reliable and give consistent welds every time.
⚫ can be very finely tuned.
⚫ assembled in the USA with 6 month manufacturer free replacement warranty.

For the welder we only service authentic USA made gold filled and sterling jump rings. Please provide a link, of the rings that you have purchased so that we can make a determination on the the settings. We sell gold filled rings. Listing is below.

This machine will weld plated products but you have to find the settings at your end.

⚫ Chains are all 14/20 which means they are 14K gold filled and are at least 5% real gold by weight.
⚫ We will only send USA made gold filled in this starter pack. No Chinese / Korean made chains.
⚫ USA made gold filled should be the only chains used for permanent jewelry.

If you want to buy these items separately, reload, or check on pricing. I've provided the links to do so.

Jump rings used to attach these chains

For permanent jewelry, use 22 gauge jump rings. It is the easiest and the best ones to use.


Jupiter Welder has been tested and works with Jackery Explorer 300.
If an item is returnable, buyer is responsible for return postage costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

Buyer is responsible for return postage costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

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